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We have a current records retention plan that all team members understand and execute. *

We waste very little time looking for electronic information. *

We have an electronic information back-up system employees trust. *

I am confident we can find any information that is legally required. *

We are able to find and use existing information rather than having to recreate it. *

If someone is out of their office, other people can find what they need in their absence. *

We maintain a current standard operating procedures manual. *

We have sufficient space in our office. *

We have a well-managed system for sharing physical resources. *

We have a well-managed system for sharing electronic resources. *

We have an exit process for managing information when a team member leaves. *

We train new hires on our system for managing information. *

We have a good system for managing projects. *

Our organization operates efficiently and effectively. *

Our office physically reflects the quality of our products/services. *

The thing that would make the biggest improvement in our company's productivity is *

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